Upgrade for Paid Access

Interested in upgrading your access to sites?
Benefits after become a paid member :

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More benefits in the future

How to Upgrade?

I made 2 way to upgrade, Via “Trakteer” if you’re indonesian and “Ko-fi” if you want to use Paypal For the price Plan,

Trakteer :

  • 1 month : Rp.15000/ 1 unit of “Kopi”
  • 2 months : Rp.30000/ 2 units of “Kopi”

Ko-fi :

  • 1 month : $1 / 1 Unit of Coffee
  • 2 month : $2 / 2 Unit of Coffee

Write you email and desired username on the donation notes or PM me Via telegram (Search for someone named Cosukin on telegram Group), so i can create the account for you.

Account Registry might take Max 1 day if i am too busy. because this site only run by 1 person

Nb. I don’t Promise to keep Posting for a year, but i’ll try to.

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